Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Promised Land

The Promised Land

Let your veil of welcoming arms engulf me
Take me to where you journey far
To the place I cannot come from
Let sadness hold me dear
For I carry the notion close to me
That my hopelessness has found
An outlet who will accept me
That journey I am bound

For my restless heart surrenders
Their words are lost on me
I’m sorry tearful visitors
A task I could not complete
Life’s great journey held me dear
To suffer untold pain
I surrender to the burden
Of expectations bound to grace

Life take me on my journey
Take me to a world that I have found
To where they cannot touch me
Nor follow in my wake
I tried to do my quota
To keep the balance right
But insincere were my masters
To promise me the hopeful land

I take these notions harshly
I bury my fears within
They shall not know how I suffer
Nor lend me a helping hand
I cannot offer plenty
I cannot offer more
They have but drained me plenty
Please darkness open my door

My thoughts are exhausted deeply
My muscles creak and groan
I have but nothing left to give
May my suffering end today
May the wheel of fortune turn once more
And offer a moment in the light
May opportunity sing its faithful tune
And take me to the promised land

By Serina Hartwell
Author of The Hidden Saga

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